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We are your One Stop Solution for your Tech related question, services & purchases.

Laptop Repair

We repair any hardware issue like screen repair, Keyboard repair, Mother repair, Touchpad/Power, Switch problem, heating issue, Speaker issue etc.

Malware Removal

Through years of experience we can remove the infestation without destroying your data. Removal of any virus, spyware, malware from system.

Laptop | Computer Software Issue

We install any kind of desktop application you need in your Personal Computer like MS Office, VPN, Antivirus etc.

Data Backup and Recovery

Fast, Confidential and Expert in Data Recovery. Specializing in All Major Hard Drive manufacturers, Specializing in Most Operating Systems and Platforms.

Laptop & Desktop Sales

Desktop (assembled/branded), Laptop, Printers, Routers, Webcams, CCTVs, Peipherals

Part Replacement | Laptop Format | Window Installation

We provide replacement of any accessory or part of PC like Battery, Keyboard, Touchpad, Fan, Power Switch.


About Us

Bronric Computers is a one stop solution for all your hardware and software servicing need. Get complete hardware and software support for your computers & Laptops from our experts. We will be at your doorstep in single call anytime and will take every possible step to make your computer able to run smoothly and error free. Our technicians are skilled in dealing with all computers and gadgets whether you need home or business computer repairs.


  • Microsoft Windows PC Computer Repair
  • Apple iMac and Macbook Computer Repair
  • Data Recovery
  • Viruses, Spyware, Adware and Ransom-ware Removal
  • Cracked and Broken Laptop Screen Replacements
  • Charging Issues, Charging Ports Repairs and Replacements
  • Computer Tune Ups, Hardware Repair, Installations
  • Printer Set Ups / Troubleshooting



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What people say?

A quick and professional service provided by a team of hardworking and dedicated people. My experience with BronRic has been a highly positive one.

Vanshak Aggarwal

The service is very professional and reliable. The prices are also very good in comparison to other vendors. You will get personalised service which is way better than Amazon or Flipkart. Totally recommend

Sagar Patni

Best Service Support Nikhunj Jakhotia BronRic Computers has been one of the best technical partners since many times. All our laptops and desktops are bought from them and and they even provide with annual servicing.


Fast service. Gives good details about products before u make decisions. Very professional. Very happy with the service. I would recommend it

Divyesh Sindhi

This team Offers a great customer service, had enquired for budget mouse and the team was friendly enough to help out.

Jose varghese

My HP laptop needed battery replacement. I contacted BronRic Computers though Google search and HP centre locations. Mt Nikunj attended my call. Battery was replaced within 4-5 days after payments online. He provide service at my location. But after one day it was seen that battery had manufacturing fault. Battery didn’t charge. Mr Nikunj was very much concerned, attended my calls immediately. Battery was replaced within four days. Now battery is running fine. I feel I received good value and services for my money. Charges are comparatively more but services are worth. I am thankful to Nikunj and his company.

Dr J K Sachdeva

My laptop wouldnt start and I started panicking. I called Nikunj up and he picked up my laptop, solved the issues and returned it to me within a few hours. Very responsive and efficient

Claryse D'Cruz

In this lockdown pandemic situation we are so in need with electronics like laptop computers and smart phones This is a good quality business to repair or to buy a new electronic products. Ensure you have a good compatibility in electronics

vruddhi purarkar

BronRic Computers has been one of the best technical partners since many times. All our laptops and desktops are bought from them and and they even provide with annual servicing. The products provided by them are too good and the services has been top notch. They even provide with consultation with the purchase, so make sure to consult before the purchase. Highly recommended

Sumit Mehta

Nikunj and team are doing a great job. Quick response, transparent process, and reasonable pricing. I would recommend them to anyone looking for PC related maintenance, peripherals, buying new or refurbished products.
Thanks guys!

Varun mundra

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